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What Happens When You Break the Chain?

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday (Morning) News Post!

Readers, as you may, or may not, know. I am in the midst of a 50 day practice challenge along with my esteemed associate, pianist Victor Noriega. 5 minutes a day, for 50 days straight.

Well, I have some disappointing news. I broke the chain... three times.

On each occasion, it was a very busy day with lots on my plate. That's not an excuse, I'm sure I could've found 5 minutes on those days; I just forgot to.

So have I failed the practice challenge? Technically yes. Yes, I have. Of course, braking the chain doesn't mean I have to quit but it has taken the prideful wind out of my sails and thus the stakes feel lower for me to hit my daily target.

However, I remind myself that we all fall down sometimes, and perhaps part of the practice is practicing how to get back up on that horse. And so I will continue, and maybe even find ways to improve. For example, one thing which would help would be a more regular time in the schedule for practicing. At the moment, it's just... whenever I can fit it in. But that requires more mental effort, always wondering when I'm going to get to it. I need to make it easier. The problem is, when?! I can't really practice in the early morning because my children are sleeping. End of the day gets plugged with cleaning the house and getting ready for the next day, and maybe even relaxing.

Well, my schedule doesn't allow for absolute consistency from day to day but here's my goal. Mon/Weds/Fri I'll practice at 1pm (when both kids are in school) and Tues/Thurs (at Capilano University) I'll get to work 30 minutes early and practice until my first student arrives. Sat/Sun... I'll aim for 9am. I will put this in my calendar too so that I don't have to think about it.

Make it easy. Make it enjoyable.

Have you practiced today?

Thanks for reading and have a great week! JD

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