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Comforts and Directions

Hello and welcome to the Late-Sunday-Night News Post! I was travelling back from the Okanagan yesterday with the family. I'd say it was a "vacation" but I'm having a hard time associating that word with family trips that involve small children. It was a lovely family trip though; the kind of trip where you get to spend more time with people you love, in a different environment without all the usual distractions.

And this week I'm thinking about the paths we take in life, how we settle into those paths, and when to change them. I'm thinking about some of the things which keep us on a certain path, even when we don't know why.

Comfort. Comfort is the first thing which comes to mind. When we reach a certain basic level of stability (thinking mostly of work-related, income stability in this case) and also have other positive things in our lives such as a good friends, a positive work environment, loving family, etc.. there's no urgency to move away from that or even question it. But time is precious, and so perhaps we should question it to avoid wasting time.

I'm not necessarily looking for a dramatic change, but being away from it all (well, not all, but away from the usual activities) and having time to think, causes me to reflect on where I am and what I'm doing. And I know from past experience that I sometimes choose a different path only once I'm really done with the one I was on. So I'm trying to think 'around the corner' so-to-speak and be a little more proactive.

What are the things that we are comfortable with, or just plain used-to, that could use a new direction? What are the intriguing paths still unexplored which require our courage to jump on to and leave some comforts behind.

It's getting a little late over here, so I will leave it at that for now. Feel free to write down any thoughts you have on the subject in the comments section. I'll be on IG tomorrow (noon, PST), perhaps talking about this subject... who could say!?

Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone! JD

(painting by Annika Tucksmith, "Maybe It's Only Us")

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